BCC must address national issues

BCC must address national issues

I have viewed the recent BCC walk with the Royal Bahamas Police Force in Kemp Road.

It is a beginning.

Now, as you indicated, clergy will go into the communities and seek

out the challenges.

I would expect that the BCC will address national issues.

Rapes have risen to an alarming rate.

Suicides are also of considerable concern.

It is not so that the BCC is not liked. However, it appears that too many

of the BCC’s leadership are entrenched in ‘other engagements’.

Take advantage of community leaders who wish to assist your efforts.

Mother’s Day reminds us of so much that is special and good: Sacrificing,

Caring, Molding, Discipline, and Love.

They bear the hurts, pains, dreams of our nation; doing so much with so


This is, ‘All of Our Bahamas’…we can Save it!