BCB exploring restructuring options, including possible downsizing

BCB exploring restructuring options, including possible downsizing

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas is considering its options to restructure, including possible downsizing if “absolutely necessary”, amid “serious financial challenges” and issues stemming from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A notice to staff from the general manager dated August 17 read: “…In addition to the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic, the corporation is facing serious financial challenges and as a result therefore, the board and executive management will be determining how to restructure the corporation, (which may, if absolutely necessary, include downsizing) to ensure the future economic viability and sustainability of the corporation. The corporation seeks your continued support and effort during these difficult and challenging times.”

This comes after the executive management learned that a staff member of the BCB was exposed to the virus on Saturday.

It said management immediately implemented the mitigation measures based on the government’s protocols and the Department of Environmental Services was contacted, as the Ministry of Health commenced contact tracing.

In the notice to staff today, the corporation advised that the Department of Health Services “duly cleaned and sanitized”.

It said both the presidents of both unions had been briefed on “every step” and will continue to be informed during what it called an unfortunate event.

The letter also noted that as an essential service provider, the corporation resumed operation today as usual.

As has been reported, ZNS’ Northern service will take over national news updates and its evening new until further notice.

Radio programming will continue as usual, however.