BCA wants more business from foreign developers

BCA wants more business from foreign developers

The Bahamas Contractors Association is agitating for more international investors and developers to foster a better relationship with the association.

The organization currently represents a little over 500 local contractors.

While the industry boasts of an uptick in business around New Providence, and a number of Family Islands, the BCA feels that there are more opportunities which can be made available to local contractors – especially smaller construction companies.

Michael Pratt, President of The Bahamas Contractors Association (BCA) told Eyewitness News Wednesday that following the enactment of the Contractors Construction Bill – contractors will be better positioned for qualifying and securing contracts with lucrative international developments.

“As we seek to regulate the industry and empower our contractors to be properly licensed; then we can be more engaged with these developers when they come to our country to invest and develop various projects,” he said.

“We are continuing to discuss with the government how we can become more engaged by these foreign developers.”

The association’s assertions came on the heels of an announcement made by Palm Cay developers on Monday which signalled an expansion of its multi-million-dollar condominium and penthouse complex.

While the developers have identified local contractor, HNR Construction, the association has called for its developers and other foreign developers to utilize more of BCA’s membership.