BCA vows to hold Govt. accountable on OBAN promises

President of the Bahamian Contractors Association, Leonard Sands.

The Bahamian Contractors’ Association (BCA) said it will be watching and waiting to see if the Minnis administration keeps its word as it relates to Bahamian contractors receiving the bulk of the jobs on OBAN Energies $5.5 billion oil refinery and storage terminal in Grand Bahama.

BCA President Leonard Sands put the government on notice Wednesday noting that, so far, only one Bahamian Contractor has been hired by OBAN. He said that is simply not enough.

“The Bahamian contractor’s association is going to hold the government to the Bahamas and Oban industries accountable,” Sands said.

“That when they say, that Bahamian contractors will be the significant builders of the bulk storage facility and all the multiple things they’re proposing – we will hold their feet to the fire because we exist. We exist, so that Bahamian contractors continue to have a livelihood in their country.”

Sands also voiced concerns that the 600 construction jobs promised over a 10-year period will do nothing to revitalize Grand Bahama or assist with the unemployment rate.

“When you talk about 600 jobs over 10 years, we’re not that excited about that,” he said.

“We have projects locally right now that are not $5.5 billion that employ 300 persons per year so 600 persons is not very exciting to us.”

The Government is facing serious questions over the deal after the project’s chief promoter confirmed his involvement in two lawsuits alleging misuse of investor monies.

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis, has also called on the government to table the “ceremonial agreement” signed by Peter Krieger, after it was revealed that Krieger appeared to sign the name of Oban President Satpal Dhunna, instead of his own name.