Bannister says new Long Island airport will be ‘wonderful’

Bannister says new Long Island airport will be ‘wonderful’
Photos show scenes of work on Monument Road in Seymour’s Long Island. (BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)

LONG ISLAND, BAHAMAS – Engineering and architectural studies for the design of a new airport in Long Island will begin in 2020, according to the Hon. Desmond Bannister, Minister of Public Works.

“I want everyone to appreciate that an airport takes quite a while to build. We will start the engineering and architectural studies and anticipate that in a few years Long Island is going to have a wonderful new airport,” he said.

Minister Bannister addressed residents of Long Island at recent contract signing ceremony at the Regatta Site in Salt Pond for the second phase of a water supply improvement project.

He said Long Island is among the first four of a system of new airports that are being built throughout the country. Airports will also be constructed in Exuma, North Eleuthera and the Berry Islands all of which will take a few years to build.

“All of them are investments for the people of The Bahamas, the dreams and aspirations that you have to be able to make your lives better so that your daily existence will improve,” he said.

Moreover, In his contribution to the 2019/2020 Budget Communication in the House of Assembly, Minister Bannister said Cabinet has allocated $1,346,474.41 to “properly” construct and pave Monument Road, and to create parking at the bottom of the monument steps to the top.

“Monument Road is 3 miles of torturous driving over rocks and through bush to get to the most beautiful vista in The Bahamas and perhaps in the world. The view from the Columbus monument is incomparable,” he said.

Furthermore, Minister Bannister informed Parliamentarians that $548,263.36 has been set aside to replace the collapsed Newton’s Cay Bridge.

He said by the end of 2019 Long Islanders and visitors will have access to two of the most beautiful ecological sites that he has ever seen in his life.

“When you see us opening the Monument Road, building a new Newton’s Cay Bridge, building a new airport it means that we are seeking to open Long Island as a gateway for tourism. I hope that all of you appreciate that means that it’s time for you to invest in your home now that you can be ready for the opportunities,” he said.


This article was written by Kathryn Campbell – Bahamas Information Services.