Bannister lashes back

Bannister lashes back
Minister of Works Desmond Bannister speaking to members of the press outside Cabinet.

Works Minister Desmond Bannister aimed to set the record straight Tuesday, levying heavy and damning allegations against former Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) chairman Darnell Osborne.

Osborne on Monday issued a letter outlining her grievances with Bannister – namely his unwelcomed interference in the company’s operations.

While Bannister did not deny that there was some political involvement when it came to weighing in on the actions of the former BPL board, he admitted the extent of his involvement and accused her of misappropriation of funds, including alleged charges for makeup application on the company’s dime.

A source from Osbourne’s camp, however, accounted for the minister’s accusations and stated that the alleged charges for makeup application were in relation to Osborne participating in a photo shoot, to produce images for the company’s website and a number of publication interviews.

Eyewitness News also discovered that the security cameras installed at Osborne’s residence, and paid for by BPL, were only installed after she became chairman of the board and were purchased to allegedly ensure her safety.

The source labeled Bannister’s assertions as petty, below the belt and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Osborne refused to offer comment.