BE KIND: CIBC FirstCaribbean supports Bahamas Humane Society’s year-round Kindness

BE KIND: CIBC FirstCaribbean supports Bahamas Humane Society’s year-round Kindness
L-R: Office of the Spouse representative Ann Marie Davis; Bahamas Humane Society President, Kim Aranha; CIBC FirstCaribbean Marketing Manager, Nikia Christie and Bahamian Humane Society Adoption Coordinator, Fiona Moodie. Photo: Serena Williams Media & PR

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – CIBC FirstCaribbean recently donated funds to the Bahamas Humane Society, (BHS) a non-profit organization that has sheltered thousands of animals in need of care for nearly 100 years.

The donation came as, around the world, individuals and organizations recently observed a theme that the Bahamas Humane Society (BHS) personifies every day. 

From the first to the seventh of this month, during ‘Be Kind to Animals’ week, individuals were given an extra nudge to acknowledge and appreciate efforts made to ensure animal safety.

As BHS daily accepts an overwhelming number of animals dumped on its doorsteps daily, it urges pet owners to spay and neuter their animals to avoid the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats.

CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Marketing Manager Nikia Christie, a pet-lover and animal rescuer, applauded BHS for its great work which extends beyond the first week of May.

“CIBC FirstCaribbean understands that whether someone is a pet owner or not, everyone has a role to play in ensuring all animals are treated with kindness. We are happy to donate to an organization that is intentional about animal welfare and publicizing how we all, as responsible pet owners especially, can do our part in keeping animals healthy and safe,” she said.

During the presentation, Office of the Spouse representative Ann Marie Davis stressed that a way to be kind to animals is to report and speak out against animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

Davis has served on the Bahamas Humane Society’s board for the last 10 years.

She also emphasized thanks for CIBC FirstCaribbean’s much-needed donation.

“It costs about $1.2 million dollars a year to run the shelter. We have several expenses including vets and other staff to pay, shelter maintenance, and the building of more shelters because we keep getting more animals in. Donations like CIBC FirstCaribbean’s are quite welcome,” Davis said.

Persons interested in making a donation to the Bahamas Humane Society can make a direct deposit to Acct #: 1086176 at CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Palmdale Branch, complete a credit card donation by emailing or call 323-5138 to speak with a representative. For more information, people can visit