BAIC hosts tech workshop for small businesses

BAIC hosts tech workshop for small businesses
BAIC Chairman, Michael Foulkes.

Chairman of the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation (BAIC) Michael Foulkes announced that the BAIC would be hosting a technology workshop for small businesses in an effort to gear them in the right direction as The Bahamas gears towards becoming a Technology Hub.

The BAIC conducted this workshop on Tuesday led by former GOOGLE INC. employee and now Technical Advisor in the Ministry of Finance, Kristie Powell.

According to Powell, the aim of the workshop was to encourage small businesses to make their online presence known. She said personal websites help to legitimize small businesses and eventually increase customer base.

Powell also mentioned that she was very satisfied with the turnout and the results of the workshop.

“Part of the allure of doing things like this is that people want information,” said Powell.

“They want access to information and a lot of small businesses, they’re looking for ways to use technology to catapult their businesses forward.”

“I think that’s exactly what they took away from the workshop today.”

“Everybody walked away with at least two action items and for me, that was enough.”

Two workshop attendees, Lashanda McPhee, CEO Of Shanda’s Little Bakery and Lillian McPhee, CEO Of GNL Party Rentals said the workshop was insightful and they walked away with a more thorough understanding of the importance of an online presence.

“Today coming into this class it cleared up a lot of hang-ups I had in the back of my mind,” said McPhee.

“So, I am now eager to go from here and set up my website for myself.”

“She’s touched a lot on better ways that we could use the internet for our businesses and the smarts we need to push that,” explained Lashunda.

“It was eye-opening.”

Powell mentioned that depending on the success of the workshop, she and Foulkes would consider a second event.

According to Foulkes the recent workshop was oversubscribed.


This article was written by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.