Bahamians fueling up ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Bahamians fueling up ahead of Hurricane Dorian

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Gas stations across New Providence were busy today as residents hurried to fill their gas tanks ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

Many drivers said that they wanted to get in line early, out of the fear that gas stations might run out of fuel.

Although Nassau isn’t directly in the path of the rapidly intensifying storm, officials have advised residents in the central and northwestern Bahamas to take the necessary precautions, as Dorian is expected to strengthen over the next 72 hours.

“Some of the gas stations that I have been to were out of gas since this morning,” said New Providence resident Mrytle Munroe. “They were turning back customers, saying that they were not sure when they would have more fuel. I got served finally, but it took me quite some time to get served. Even the smaller stations are loaded with cars. Everyone is trying their best to prepare for the storm.”

Tishanna Saunders, another resident, said that she’s learned the importance of fueling up early from past hurricanes that impacted The Bahamas.

“Preparing for this storm has been a lot of work,” she said. “Along with gas, there have also been long lines at stores as well with people trying to secure nonperishable items. So, at this point, we’re just hoping for the best.”

Rubis Thompson Blvd. Operator Ryan Eve said that its the duty of the service station to ensure that it is stocked ahead of any forecasted natural disaster. He said that he doesn’t expect this storm to impact Nassau, but hopes stations in the northwestern islands took the necessary steps to prepare.



“It’s important to make sure that we have fuel in the ground and that the traffic in the yard continues to flow,” he said. “Stocking the inside of the store is almost just as important as making sure the outside is full. Being well stocked is important when it comes to dealing with a storm.”

As of 5 p.m. today, Hurricane Dorian was listed as a category three storm.