Bahamians caught up in Sawgrass Mall robbery relive the frantic moment



A popular south Florida mall frequented by Bahamians was the scene of pandemonium Sunday as what was thought to be a mass shooting turned out to be a robbery.

ABC’s Local 10 News reported that a man stealing a t-shirt from a department store sparked the chaos sunday that led authorities to evacuate the sawgrass mills outlet mall.

Local 10 also reported that shoppers were seen running for the exits after rumors began swirling that someone was armed with either a gun or a knife inside the mall.

Police later confirmed no shots were ever fired and no weapon was involved.

Bahamians Robyn and Lamond Lowe, who were in the mall at the time of the incident, spoke with Eyewitness News via Skype Monday.

Ms. Lowe who relived the incident said she and her husband are in Florida on real estate business and decided to bring their three kids.

Fortunately, she said, her kids, the oldest of whom is 19, stayed in their hotel room.

She said although the incident didn’t end tragically it definitely put a major damper on their trip.

Lowe said the incident has also definitely caused her and husband to rethink shopping abroad.