Bahamians and documented migrants given priority at Abaco relief site

Bahamians and documented migrants given priority at Abaco relief site

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Restoration Iram Lewis said yesterday temporary relief facilities to accommodate residents displaced by Hurricane Dorian on Abaco will be occupied by Bahamians and documented individuals.

“The homes will be occupied by persons who would have lost their homes and [were] evacuated to Nassau,” Lewis told Eyewitness News Online.

“Some of the workforce crew will also be housed there.”

Asked whether there will be a distinction between shantytown residents who lost their homes, Lewis responded: “I don’t see how undocumented persons would be allowed to live there. Considerations must first be given to Bahamians and documented individuals.”

The relief facility represents a critical stage of recovery on the island after it was decimated by Hurricane Dorian on September 1-3.

It is expected to encourage displaced residents from Abaco to return to the island as the government, its agencies and range of regional and international organizations continue recovery efforts.

A model of the dome structures was being constructed in front of the National Emergency Management Agency head office on Gladstone Road yesterday.

The first phase of the housing area will include an estimated 250 housing units, Eyewitness News was told.

The facility will span across 12 acres of land near Spring City, Abaco.

Officials indicated that each unit is expected to be outfitted with a sewerage system; running water and will include two bedrooms, bathroom, shower, and open living space.

Each unit will reportedly be able to accommodate four to six people.


For the Bahamas to recover & thrive effectively, there must be integrity to the recovery process. Let’s do it right & correctly for the future of the greater good.
Bahamas deserves nothing but the best it has to offer, then we continue to say, “It’s better in the Bahamas “.

Who is a Bahamian? We are dealing with human beings whose energy and labour made Abaco what it was? Cut the discriminatory bull shit out! If the govt would have paid continuous and proper attention to this issue over the years, the issue would not have reached to this point! Treat all human beings evenly and then sort out the legalistic issues. We are better than this!

We need one here in Exuma over 250 are here from both Abaco and Freeport and there still looking for housing… the men want to leave there wifes and kids behind yet where doing our best to accommodate them

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