Bahamian trivia card games seeks to blend culture and interactive entertainment

Bahamian trivia card games seeks to blend culture and interactive entertainment

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Know Yuh Cul-Cha,” the Bahamas’ first trivia card game, artfully weaves Bahamian heritage, entertainment, and interactive learning into an engaging cultural experience that bridges generations.

The game’s product developer, Dr Kelley Knowles-Charlow, says that the game reflects her passion for the arts, drawing from her background in sculpting, in addition to her expertise as a marriage and family therapist.

The inspiration to create the game struck close to home for her. As a mother, she explains that it was born out of her desire to assist her son, who faced communication challenges. 

The first pack of the game, “Know Yuh Culture for Littles,” was conceived as a means to help children recognize Bahamian concepts, pronounce words, and understand their meanings without overwhelming them. She says that it is particularly beneficial for kids with sensory challenges who could easily get overwhelmed. This game allows them to look at a card and identify elements of Bahamian culture, like recognizing a pineapple or a coconut, in a fun and non-intimidating way.

“The concept of the card game came along when COVID-19 started. Because of COVID, no one could move around. I missed my culture, I missed the food and I missed home. At the time I had a one-year-old son who had communication challenges and I created a game for his age and for him to be able to communicate with me. The game helps them recognize words and Bahamain concepts. It’s not too overwhelming for kids who have sensory challenges,” says Dr Knowles-Charlow. 

The first product on the market is a 50th-anniversary pack of 55 Cards which includes trivia questions about The Bahamas, highlighting major events in the country’s history on the road to independence.  This pack aims to educate and entertain while preserving the nation’s rich history. There are additional games in the collection which will all be available December 1st.

Dr. Knowles-Charlow says that her vision for the game extends beyond profit. She believes that “Know Yuh Cul-Cha” is more than just a card game but also a means of preserving Bahamian culture and tradition, presenting historic facts about the Bahamas in a way that appeals to all generations and fosters a sense of unity.

“I think we should have something specifically for and about our country, something that’s entertaining but also informative and connects generations of Bahamians and educates our visitors. It’s a fun game for game night, for schools, and for kids who have other challenges. We have to find ways to preserve our rich heritage and culture and I think these games are a great way to do that,” says Dr Knowles-Charlow.

Know Yuh Cul-Cha card packs are available at My Wish List in the Cable Beach Shopping Plaza, Café Channing Noelle, and the Chapter One Book Store at the University of the Bahamas.