Bahamian rum makes its debut in the US market

Bahamian rum makes its debut in the US market

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Pin Drop Rum, a super-premium 10-year-aged rum hand-bottled in the Bahamas, is set to debut on shelves across the United States, marking a significant milestone in the spirits industry.

Originating from Harbour Island, Pin Drop Rum was founded in 2018 by Ithalia Johnson, Toby Tyler, and Joe Elison,  with the brand said to reflect the essence of its island roots and the rich Bahamian culture.

Despite a two-decade hiatus from the spirits business, Pin Drop Rum’s quality captured the attention of the Bronfman family, leading to a strategic partnership aimed at introducing the brand to the US market. 

Pin Drop Rum’s blend of 10 and 12-year-old Caribbean rums, aged in bourbon white oak barrels, offers an array of flavors, including banana, dried apricot, mango, and candied tropical fruit, culminating in a golden pour with a velvety whisky finish. Pin Drop Rum is now available in select specialty liquor stores and bottle shops across Florida, South Carolina, and New York, with distribution expanding to 32 states.

“The spirits industry is entering a new era of exploration, which is leading to heightened interest in the rum category and its versatility. With the arrival of the Rum Renaissance and fans embracing the spirit like never before, Pin Drop Rum offers a unique style to experience ultra-premium rum from an unlikely place,” said Aaron Bronfman, CEO of Pin Drop Rum. 

“Pin Drop Rum was created as an ode to Harbour Island and its culture, which continue to inspire us on this journey,” Co-Founder Ithalia Johnson added.