Bahamian musicians had international audience out of their seats

Bahamian musicians had international audience out of their seats

BEIJING, CHINA — Bahamian musicians had the international audience out of their seats for their entire performance, on May 23, 2019,  during the opening set at the Sixth Annual Latin American Arts Season and the First Latin American and Caribbean Culture and Arts Carnival (LACC).

The event held in the World Rose Theme Park, in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, took place after the Opening Ceremony, and was part of a cultural exchange.  Among those present was Bahamas Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China His Excellency Sterling R.L. Quant.

Julien “Believe” Thompson, Freddie Munnings, Jr., and Angel Reckley produced a high-octane set with Brick City Band members Julian Darville, Jackson Jeffer, Treco Johnson and Chineko Andrews. The team of visiting musicians will be performing a number of live performances in Beijing, through May 27, 2019.

Freddie Munnings, Jr., started things out and got the audience on their feet with a medley of Bahamian standards, including “Uncle Lou” and “Sloop John B” from the 1950s, and “Funky Nassau” from the 1970s, along with a number of golden oldies. This flowed seamlessly into Angel Reckley “getting funky” with more recent Bahamian and pop songs, that got the crowd dancing in front of the stage and learning to “Hold Your Head” and “Move it to the Left”.  Next came Julien Believe, who topped the night off with more lively tracks and even did a version of the his hit “Caribbean Slide” with Brazilian dancers.

By the end of the performance, there were people out of their rows and dancing with the vocalists, as the Brick City Band continued to impress with their live performances and instrumental prowess.

The entire audience even posed for with the Bahamian vocalists for a few photos stage side.

The LACC runs from May 23-26, and is set to showcase more than 70 artists from Latin American and Caribbean countries.

This article was written by Eric Rose – Bahamas Information Services.