Bahamian diplomat found dead in Italy

Bahamian diplomat found dead in Italy

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A Bahamian diplomat attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was reportedly found dead in Italy on Tuesday and his male friend, also a Bahamian, is said to be missing.

According to  Italian authorities, the body of the Bahamian diplomat, who has been identified as 29-year-old Alrae Ramsey, was seen floating by a passerby and was eventually pulled from the Po River near the Isabella Bridge in Turin, Italy.

Italian authorities reported  that Ramsey’s body may have been in water for at least three days.

Italian police also reported that there were no visible signs of violence on Ramsey’s body, other than a head injury, which may have resulted from a fall.

Eyewitness News Online understands that the diplomat was reportedly meeting up with his Bahamian high school friend, Blair John, who studies in Canada.

Blair John is now reportedly missing.

John’s family members told Eyewitness News yesterday that John also travelled to London to visit his sister, but they confirmed that he never showed up for his flight back to Halifax, Canada, which was scheduled to return last weekend.

Eyewitness News can also confirm that Italian authorities found documents on Ramsey’s body, but there has been no word on the whereabouts of John.

A statement released yesterday evening from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said a senior Bahamian diplomat is expected to travel to Italy to assist in identifying the body, as well as in the investigation.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of reports circulating regarding two young Bahamian men who have been reported missing in Turin, Italy,” said the Foreign Affairs statement.

“Newspapers are reporting the discovery of the body of a male, believed to be a Bahamian, which was pulled from the river in the area of the Isabella Bridge in Turin.

“The Ministry is investigating this matter with the appropriate authorities in Turin, as well as with Bahamian authorities.

“The Ministry is in close contact with the family members of the two young men.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with both families at this time.”

Meanwhile, former Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Fred Mitchell, also released a statement yesterday, stating that he was devastated and felt a deep sense of sadness and loss upon hearing the news.

“I am at a loss for words that a young man with such promise has left us. I worked closely with him throughout his career as a diplomat. He was a brilliant young man, full of hope and promise. A fine example of the most promising young people of his generation,” Mitchell said, adding that the Bahamas has an obligation to find out what has happened.

“I remember Mr. Ramsey’s great work in the first campaign for The Bahamas to be elected to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations,” Mitchell recalled.

“I have reached out to the Foreign Minister and my former colleagues to express my shock and sadness.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two young men.

“On behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, I offer our prayerful support.”


This is a troubling situation for me. As a security consultant I can’t for the likes of me understand if he had a security detail assigned to him. And if he did where was the security? The government of this country needs to protect the citizens of this country while abroad. This is the reason why countries like Israel will always be respected because they take care of their own. The U.S as well but I highlighted Israel for a reason because of their track record.
The response and response time from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was extremely slow and their comments seemed cold and callous. The Bahamas is a small country and we need to do more to protect our own. The United States hire private contractors to provide security for dignitaries in other countries, why don’t we do the same and stop stretching our resources

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