Bahamian company launches first cloud-based ID card service

Bahamian company launches first cloud-based ID card service
A mock cloud ID badge designed by Sure Badge

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Sure Badge is the first cloud-based ID card service to operate in The Bahamas and the Caribbean exclusively.

The company’s unique online card designers allow businesses to have professional identification badges and accessories produced for their employees, whether they have five or 500,000.

Sure Badge’s Chief Executive Officer Joann Hilton noted how the need for security and personal identification had increased significantly. As a result, their goal is to provide organizations with the necessary solutions to identify and secure their employees and premises.

“We have a single-minded focus on providing fast, efficient, low-cost ID badge printing services. We know the hassle associated with in-house ID card printing because we have been there. Sure Badge was created by local business professionals, who were aware of the trouble related to identity management; we knew there had to be a better way. So, Sure Badge was born,” Hilton said.

She added: “We are thoroughly convinced that outsourcing ID badge production is far more efficient and cost-effective than in-house printing.

The Bahamian-owned and operated company offers clients numerous security and technological features such as holographic overlays, ghosted images, watermarks, micro-printing, magstripe, barcode, smart-cards, and QR codes.

Sure Badge is the leading online provider of photo ID cards in The Bahamas.

Hilton revealed that by focusing on a small market like The Bahamas allows the company to give the best in personal customer service and guarantees 100 percent satisfaction.