Bahamian Carla Jackson in lead spotlight as Crystal Serenity cruises to success

Bahamian Carla Jackson in lead spotlight as Crystal Serenity cruises to success
Carla Jackson.

“From the minute our guests arrive in Nassau, we want [everything] to be seamless”

Jackson in unique role as Bahamian woman at the helm of traditionally foreign-male-dominated industry

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Saturday marked the third successful departure of Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity from New Providence onto a multiple-Bahama-Islands sail. With hundreds of cruise passengers now flying to New Providence weekly since July 3 of this year to board the Crystal Serenity, the logistics and ground coordination are key to smooth sailing. That responsibility falls on Go-Time Bimini, Ltd, headed by Bahamian Carla Jackson.

Jackson is an astute and meticulous businesswoman who is a savvy, highly qualified accountant by profession. While she has deliberately stayed under the media radar, her strong and brilliant leadership has been shining these past three weekends.

Jackson said Go-Time-Bimini shares Crystal’s commitment to providing a service of excellence and ensuring a first-class and enjoyable experience for cruise passengers.

Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity cruise ship. (MOTA)

“To achieve this, we have assembled a team with a wealth of experience in the service and hospitality industry and ongoing training remains a top priority,” Jackson noted.

“From the minute our guests arrive in Nassau, we want refreshments, luggage handling, ground transportation, relevant information and logistics to be seamless.”

She added that this venture has created significant employment and business opportunities for independent Bahamian contractors.

“At last count, about 100 Bahamians have been put to work and we expect that number to grow,” said Jackson.

“The Crystal experience continues to boost the economy of multiple islands. We want to see as many as possible local businesses benefit and we take pride in saying at Go-Time-Bimini that we seek to contract and hire the best of the best.”

Jackson is very mindful of her unique role as a Bahamian woman at the helm of what has traditionally been a foreign-male-dominated industry and remarked: “I am humbled by this opportunity and intend to work hard and give it my all.

“I am a strong advocate for professional women and I know first-hand that women still have the challenge of commanding full and equal respect in and outside of the boardroom. Unfortunately in 2021, there are still some men uncomfortable with female leaders and it is often demonstrated in their inappropriate language and tone.

“It is only fair that I note that for the most part, there are successful businessmen who focus on performance over gender.”

Proud of the many small businesses that have been engaged as a result of homeporting and the cruises, Jackson said she’s deeply passionate about the success of small Bahamian businesses and while she has worked for huge international entities, a joy for her as an accountant by profession has always been to see small businesses grow.

The owner and operator of Go-Time-Bimini, Ltd, a Crystal Cruises operations partner, said she is grateful for this opportunity and commends Crystal for believing in The Bahamas and Bahamians. She also praised her staff and contractors and noted her deep appreciation for her international colleagues.

Over 600 cruise passengers, among them Bahamians, set sail from New Providence this past weekend and are now headed to Exuma, San Salvador, Long Island, Grand Bahama and likely Bimini, if COVID-19 restrictions are lifted there.

Jackson was born in Nassau, graduated from high school on Grand Bahama, attained her university degrees in the United States and has worked around the world.