Bahamian baller stuck in war-torn Israel

Bahamian baller stuck in war-torn Israel

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — On the heels of Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell announcing today that his ministry has been in contact with three Bahamians who were stuck in Israel, as war erupted in Gaza and Israel, Eyewitness News has learnt that Bahamian basketball player Zane Knowles is among that group of three individuals who are reportedly trapped in Israel.

Mitchell confirmed that one Bahamian managed to successfully leave Israel; but, he said that two other Bahamians remain stuck there. EWN has learnt that flights out of Israel have reportedly been halted.

Zane’s mother, Peggy Knowles, has reportedly made attempts to get her son out the area; but we have received no confirmation that those attempts have proved successful.

Mitchell told reporters Wednesday morning that The Bahamas does not have a consulate in Israel and called for “cessation of activities between Hamas and Israel.”

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