Bahamasair acknowledges temporary delay for new plane’s certification

Bahamasair acknowledges temporary delay for new plane’s certification

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamasair has released a statement seeking to “bring clarity on the availability of this aircraft in our operations between The Bahamas and US destinations that we service.”

The statement read: “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States is in the process of an audit of all airline operators in The Bahamas servicing routes into the US. This involves not only Bahamasair but also our competitors Trans International Airways and Western Air, which are all registered by Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas (CAAB).

“This audit covers planes already in service. As a result, new additions to the fleet cannot be cleared until this process is completed. We anticipate this process to be completed shortly and the certification of the new aircraft to be addressed by FAA and its addition to our US bound fleet.”

The statement continued: “Again, we reiterate that this policy affects not only Bahamasair, but all operators servicing the US market from The Bahamas and registered to CAAB.

“In the interim, the new 737 jet has been certified by Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas to fly into non-US destinations. This includes routes to Haiti, Turks & Caicos Islands and Cuba. Additionally, the craft is certified to service all domestic routes within The Bahamas.

“Bahamasair remains committed to providing safe and efficient air travel services, and we look Forward to the completion of the FAA audit process for the seamless inclusion of our new 737 into our US routes,” the statement concluded.