Bahamas Striping Group expands nation building with $50M PPP projects for Eleuthera and Long Island

Bahamas Striping Group expands nation building with $50M PPP projects for Eleuthera and Long Island

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Contractors on Eleuthera and Long Island are relieved and excited to finally begin work after years of  “slow and unsuccessful” construction activity. Approximately $50 million in available funds raised by The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies ( BSGC ) in a Private, Public Partnership (PPP) will drive much needed road repairs, the construction of seawalls, sidewalks and playgrounds, and other much-needed projects on the respective islands.

Rowdy Boys Construction Company, Quick-Fix Construction Company, and NuView Construction Company have all been engaged by BSGC in response to its revised business model which empowers Bahamians through the PPP.

The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies ‘Executive Chairman, Dominic Sturrup, noted that their business model and consistent quality of work has brought them to this celebratory 14-year  point on a continuing journey. 

“Growth is assured when a business group’s interests are closely aligned with national interests,” said Mr. Sturrup. “Determined and active nation building is a credo that is close to our hearts as a group, and our reputation for project work excellence has elevated the brand and brought success to the company.  

“We know that we cannot be on every island and cannot do every project ourselves. We also know that all Bahamians can have a piece of the economic pie. However, all of us don’t have the network, reach and ability to get funds approved. PPPs are especially suitable because money is given upfront.”

In its revised funding model, funders pay BSGC for specific projects and the government pays on the backend in installments typically ranging from 3-5 years. Funding covers necessities such as equipment and gives the government room to take on and prioritize other commitments while BSGC holds all liabilities. In its previous business model, BSGC raised funds to execute its own projects.  

Mr. Sturrup revealed that BSGC’s success in building funding did not come overnight.

“The first-time seeking funding, whether locally or internationally, is always tough. Once you go through the initial process however, funders get to know you, understand you and trust you to deliver on time and within budget. We motivate future investments as funders see the work done. It is our goal to empower other Bahamian companies to do the same.”

The three contractors engaged by BSGC meet its company and Ministry of Works standards. 

Rowdy Boys Construction Company’s President, Bernard Knowles, says his 28-year-old company has been through countless ups and downs, being especially challenged with garnering funding.

“The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies support means a lot to me because I never left Long Island and there’s not a lot of opportunities here. I have a lot of staff that I struggle to keep so this is a way for me to also hire more people. BSGC has taken the initiative to believe in me and by getting this big project going, I hope some skilled Long Islanders will want to return home now we have work.”

Quick-Fix Construction Company’s President, Elton Symonette, added that partnering with The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies means being able to get jobs started right away, and the 39-year-old company is hoping for a long-term relationship. 

“Getting things going in our community moves Eleuthera’s economy. It is also important for us to empower our people instead of going out of the country. When Eleutherans work in Eleuthera, our money stays here,” he said.

Nu-View Construction Company’s President, Peter Kemp, echoed that the funds raised by The Bahamas Striping Group of Companies is a plus for road improvements on Eleuthera and praised BSGC for being the first to spearhead a partnership of this kind. 

“I am well pleased to note that a Bahamian contractor has received the contract to do road repair for Eleuthera. This is the first time, especially for local contractors, to be able to get this amount of work subbed out to them from another contractor. This is something that you really don’t see on Family Islands.”        

As leader of the third generation, 26-year-old company, Mr. Kemp continued, “Most contractors come and do most work themselves with no sub out. I am very pleased that they are coming on the island and giving back – especially for the locals.”