Bahamas should ‘aggressively’ target high-end travelers

Bahamas should ‘aggressively’ target high-end travelers
Gowon Bowe

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Bahamas needs to revise its marketing strategy to ‘very aggressively’ target high-end travelers, according to a well-known banker, warning that the country can ill afford to wait for tourism to rebound globally.

Gowon Bowe, the Fidelity Group’s chief executive said: “We need to revise our marketing strategy in tourism to every aggressively target those that have the means and resources, can fly private planes or charters and rent high end homes for their families. We have to target what little traveling money remains.

“Studies have shown that tourism globally has been significantly reduced. We are not alone in this arena but tourism does account for a significant percentage of our GDP.”

Bowe continued: “We can’t wait for tourism globally to rebound. We have to be on forefront and cutting edge and present ourselves to the market  in the most innovative manner.We have to demonstrate to visitors that they will be able to see and enjoy The Bahamas and our natural resources even if it isn’t on New Providence.”

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to the country’s number one industry tourism with visitor arrivals at historic lows due to the reluctance of many to travel during the pandemic and restrictions on travel.

Most of the major properties in the country have pushed reopening dates back to the Fall and cruise ships have also indicated that they may not resume sailing until later this year.


Mr Biwe . I totally agree with you. There are lots of high end travelers waiting for the opportunity to make a move. Once every precautionary measure is in place.

I guess the high end travelers can’t catch covid19. Just like the statement was made concerning the tourist on the cruise ship that brought the virus here. But I guess like the PM said, “we have the technology to combat against and defeat Mr. Covid19.”

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