Bahamas shatters record with 55 new infections in a single day, total at 274

Bahamas shatters record with 55 new infections in a single day, total at 274

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – There have been a record 55 new coronavirus cases in The Bahamas, the largest increase in cases in a single day.

Grand Bahama recorded 39 new infections, and has surpassed New Providence in confirmed cases of the virus.

The ages of the patients ranged from 25 to 77.

The total number of cases now stands at 274 — 119 in New Providence, 120 in Grand Bahama, 21 in Bimini, four in the Berry Islands, four in Cat Cay, two in Cat Island, and four in Moore’s Island.

There were five additional cases in New Providence — including two men, ages 56 and 84; and three women, ages 59, 23 and 40.

Four more infections were recorded in Bimini, according to the Ministry of Health.

These include three women, ages 32, 30, and 18, and a 48-year-old man.

An additional three cases were recorded on Moore’s Island — a 51-year-old woman, a 44-year-old man and a 76-year-old man.

The single COVID-19 case recorded in Great Guana Cay was a 55-year-old man.

Notwithstanding the ministry reporting 55 new cases, the case breakdown by age accounted for 52 new infections.

Cases since The Bahamas’ reopening to international commercial carriers on July 1 — a total of 170 — have eclipsed the total number of cases between the onset of the pandemic in mid-March and the end of June, 104 cases.

Health officials were unable to provide further details on the cases.

“Investigations are ongoing, and a complete update of details will be published at a later date,” read the statement.

“Health officials continue to follow the condition of the other current COVID-19 positive cases.”

As a result of the surge in cases, Grand Bahama has been placed under a two-week lockdown beginning at 7pm today until August 7 at 5am.


This new count of Covid 19 make the Bahamas look like it’s over run with the virus please be careful of how you are displaying us to the world
I don’t think the old case should be counted as we move forward it only remind people that fear can control

For the size of the Bahamian population, the writing language is appropriate to the context of the numbers reported. Don’t kid yourself, this is not about vanity. If this thing rips through the country Dorian, will look like a windstorm compared to Covid-19.

My God,How is it our Bahamian Government can not make a statement about anything that is clear and accurate.Not just the FNM or the PLP but every government.The lack of clear guidelines gives way to interpretation by police customs,and immigration which leaves citizens and tourists at the mercy of local interpretations of the law.The customs information used to be the best example of this and remains horrible but the latest restrictions on tourists takes the cake.The whole world is scratching their head and saying why would anyone go to the Bahamas on vacation,be taken into custody at the airport and forcibly brought to a Bahamian facility for 2 weeks than given a test they don’t want and than deported.I think all we should add is 20 lashes to each tourist for wanting to go to the beach.Oh,and they are required to pay for being in this facility.

Jestina Williams you are correct girl. They blowing this thing up. Makes on wondering if something else is behind the curtains.

DD, I can see where you coming from too. Most times you can’t get any two people here to agree what is said SMH! We looking like fools to the world. Give thought to what you gonna Say PM and let it stand longer than 12 hours before you change you mind SMH! Seems like you building up to sometihing for this election. A way to control the ballots. I don’t know but what I do know is changing the rules every other day is no way to govern

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