Bahamas Paradise Cruise line introduces single passenger rate

Bahamas Paradise Cruise line introduces single passenger rate

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line will now allow single passengers to book their own stateroom without paying a double occupancy surcharge.

According to an article posted on Sun-Sentinal, the new solo traveler rate of $149 plus taxes and fees, will as of June 20th, now be able to take advantage of the cruise line’s signature two nights on Bahamas cruises.

Back in April, Bahamas Paradise introduced its second ship, which sails daily out of the Port of Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island.

“It is the only cruise line to offer staterooms with ocean views with no additional supplemental fee on all of its sailings,” the company boasted.

According to Bahamas Paradise, it decided to offer the solo rate to serve the increase in, “interest in solo travel”.

“Solo travel has become much more prevalent within the industry,” said Chris Gray Faust, managing editor of

“Adults of all ages are traveling more often by themselves, and solo pricing is a great way for the cruise lines to make ‘cruising’ a viable option for this type of traveler.”

The rates are only available for the ship’s ocean view cabins, which measure the same size as interior cabins that have no outside views. Generally, cruise lines charge higher prices for ocean view rooms and relegate interior cabins to their lowest-price categories, according to Faust.

Bahamas Paradise CEO Oneil Khosa said the reason the cruise line decided to offer a solo package is that the company wanted to provide a very attractive offering to invite solo travelers to “experience our cruise”.

“We wanted to provide them with something better that stands apart in the industry,” he said.

Khosa confirmed that the pricing will be available indefinitely but declined to say how many oceanfront rooms would be available at solo travel rates on each cruise.

“Given that we have just launched, we plan to monitor interest closely and will adjust allocations based on demand and overall availability for individual sailings,” he said.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line began sailing from the Port of Palm Beach in 2015.