Bahamas off to hot start in Ecuador

Bahamas off to hot start in Ecuador

The Bahamas Fed Cup team got off to a strong start against Bolivia yesterday in Ecuador. The Bahamas edged Bolivia 2-1 to advance to the next round of the competition.

Both Kerrie Cartwright and Daniel Thompson were able to pick up singles wins. In her opener, Cartwright knocked off Noella Zeballos, from Bolivia, 6-3, while Thompson beat La Fuente Strassburger, also from Bolivia, 6-2.

“My match was pretty tough, to be honest,” Cartwright said.

“I was really nervous going out, and I think I got more comfortable as the match went on. But overall, I played really well and got the win, which is all that matters. I saw my opponent play numerous times traveling to different tournaments. It’s a great win and great feeling.”

Thompson said: “I was surprised with the result actually, seeing that I didn’t play since May. It was great having my teammates on the sidelines cheering me in. I started off a bit nervous, but I got into it as the match went on.”

Later in the day, The Bahamian team of Sierra Donaldson and Simone Pratt lost their doubles match to Bolivia, but the result didn’t affect the result.

“I am glad we were able to get the win in the singles, even though we lost the doubles. I can’t wait to get back out there for our next match,” said Donaldson.

Pratt added: “Today was great for the fact that we were able to come away with the win today.”

Team Bahamas will be in action again today against Trinidad and Tobago.