Bahamas, Israel to continue deepening relations

Bahamas, Israel to continue deepening relations

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield yesterday received the Copie d’Usage of Israeli Ambassador-designate to The Bahamas Zvi Tal, with the two respective countries intended to deepen relations in the future, according to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release.

The Copie d’Usage will allow Tal to undertake activities at the functional level, and he will present his Letters of Credence to the governor general formally at a later date, according to the statement.

“In a brief meeting held after the minister received the Copie d’Usage, both sides acknowledged the longstanding friendship and cordial relations between The Bahamas and Israel,” the statement read.

“Matters of mutual interests were discussed, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to ensure affordable access to the COVID vaccine.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield (top right), the Israel Embassy Consul and other officials hold a Zoom meeting on Friday, January 22, 2021. (BIS PHOTO)

“The minister thanked the government of Israel for the humanitarian assistance and ongoing support provided to The Bahamas for restoration and reconstruction activities in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Such support included the provision of potable water supplies.

“The ambassador emphasized Israel’s commitment to continue providing technical assistance to help build resiliency.

“Both sides agreed on the need to continue the deepening of relations, for which technical meetings will be held during the course of the year.”


Why would the Bahamas seek to deepen its relationship with such a murderous, oppressive, apartheid, a militarized Zionist state with the worst human rights record in history? Israel has violently occupied and oppressed the Palestinian People for over 70 years with the hard hand of racism and a cold sense of indifference to babies, children at school, families asleep in their beds at night in their corrupt quest to awaken an old fable of God’s Promise to the Jewish People.

Bahamians should reject any relationship to this symbol of humanity’s lowness and lead the way in ending the Zionist phenomenon from the face of the earth.

Well said. You summed them up. An evil self serving race who scam the world. Nothing good will come if it.

It’s easy to follow the news media story of the so called “Palestinian people”. History however gives us a different story. “Palestine” was never a “people”, but a name given to the Land of Israel by the Roman’s after a failed Jewish revolt to try and gain their freedom back in 132 CE (AD). The Romans were in charge in Jesus’ day, and only the Roman government could administer capital punishment, including the crucifixion of Jesus, although it for political favor more than them considering Him an actual criminal. The Arabs were not there as a people, they were in Arabia and it would be nearly 500 years before Islam even existed. The Romans had re-named Israel “Palaestina” after Israel’s ancient enemy the Philistines as a direct attack against the Jewish and Israeli history in the land.

If you consider Palestine to be a “occupied” or “sovereign” and “Independent” country that goes back through most of recorded history as many would have you to believe, then a few questions need to be answered:

When was it founded and by whom?
What were its borders?
What was its capital?
Who was the President?
What was its form of government?
What were its major cities?
What constituted the basis of its economy?
Who was the Palestinian leader before Yasser Arafat?

As you research these questions, you will find that In 1948 they were not referred to as “Palestinians”. This name was created by the Soviet communist in 1964 when they created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
The term “Palestinian People” as a description of Arabs in Palestine appeared for the first time in the preamble of the 1964 PLO Charter, drafted in Moscow. The Charter was affirmed by the first 422 members of the Palestinian National Council, handpicked by the KGB. The Russians didn’t like the idea of an American ally with nuclear weapons right at their back door. Especially one who was biblically religious, something that was contrary to their atheist addenda. But this didn’t start with the Russians, the conflict is far older than that.
It goes back thousands of years. It was first predicted in the Bible in Genesis 16:11-12 when God spoke to Hagar: “… you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard of your misery. He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.” NIV
Thus began the aggression and violence the Arabs became known for and the reason their symbol is the sword. And to this day, they cut the heads off of people whom they disagree with.

The real question in the Middle East is not about Land or People or a “Palestinian” nation. The real question in the Middle East that, is “Who is God?”. Is it the one in Islam or the one in Christianity and Judaism? It can’t be both, as they are diametrically opposed to each other in their fundamental statements of salvation. Islam teaches that your only guarantee of salvation is if you die in jihad; Christianity and the Bible teach that your only guarantee of salvation is that God has come in the flesh and died for you. You can’t get more opposite than that, yet it will be up to each of us to decide. Islam, kill your enemy and die for your god; Christianity, love your enemy and God has died for you.
Which is true? You decide, but don’t cop out and say that religion has killed more people than…”whatever false data”, that’s just another historical untruth. The reality is, Atheisms has killed far more people than all the religious based wars in history.
The atheistic views of Karl Marx, led to the deaths of more than 90 million people, Joseph Stalin for the deaths by murder or starvation of as many as 60 million. Mao Zedong another estimated 60 million.
Dr. R.J. Rummel, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii, estimates that since 1900, that approximately 262 million people have died at the hands of atheistic governments.

The Encyclopedia of Wars states that of the 1,763 wars in human history, only 123 were religious in nature, that’s 7% and the other 93% were political in nature. Religion is not the problem, greed, hatred, unforgiveness, pride, arrogance and a host of other demonic and biblical evils are. If you really want to understand the issues, work and study in archaeology and Middle East history for years as I have or simply pick up and read a Bible, especially Dt. 28-30, and hopefully you will “Choose Life” as it suggests.

Israel is not the problem, they are actually the focus of the only solution. It happened on a hill there about 2000 years ago. The Bahamas would do well to form a closer relationship with the nation that stands as a lonely beacon of freedom in the Middle East against some of the worst tyrannical and atheistic governments in the world. It is the ancestral home of the Jewish people who have had a continuous historical presence in Israel for over 3,300 years and whose people have spread around the world and have made tremendous advances for peace and wellbeing but it was never by rejecting their own history nor by embracing the anti-Semitic propaganda and self hatred that is prevalent today, those are just the lies of the enemy. Israel is not perfect, nor is the Bahamas or America or any of us personally. But Israel and the Bahamas working together would be a harmony that would bring life, light and blessings to both countries.
Life is not always about where we have been, it is more about where we are going and what we stand for, based on our where we have been.
Do the research, embrace the truth, ignore the propaganda.
PJ Jones
Author: Torah Boat

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