Bahamas HumanE Society struggling with overcrowding

Bahamas HumanE Society struggling with overcrowding

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The Bahamas Humane Society (BHS) is experiencing extreme overcrowding with more than 300 dogs and cats currently in its care.

Shelter Manager Percy Grant is making a plea to local residents to help ease the burden they’re facing by adopting a pet.

A number of animal activists have also taken to Facebook to help the cause, urging users to either adopt, foster, or volunteer to care for an animal.

“We are coping, but it’s very stressful,” Grant said. “We have this storm that may hit us, and of course, we have to buckle down here and get everybody all secured indoors as much as we can. We also have to act as a shelter for the general public, and that’s always a task.”

Grant added that having so many animals can bring about health risks for the staff at the shelter.

According to the BHS, the adoption process can take up to a week, seeing that they want to ensure that the animals to go to good homes. Grant said that animal cruelty is a major issue here in the capital, especially with people poisoning animals.

Those seeking more information about the adoption process are asked to contact the BHS at 325-5138.







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