Bahamas Harvest brings the Easter Story to life

Bahamas Harvest brings the Easter Story to life

Hundreds of worshippers at Bahamas Harvest Church observed in awe as the Easter story, namely the chronology of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ were brought to life on Friday morning.

The church’s drama ministry presented a modern-day Passion production.

Play-writer, Inderia Greene, told Eyewitness News Online there is a huge responsibility to accurately retell such a sensitive story.

“Our play is in two parts, so we deal with the natural and supernatural aspects,” she said.

“For the supernatural aspects, we had to refer a lot to the Bible in order to ensure that it was theologically sound.

“We didn’t want to stray away from what the Bible told us happened during that time.

“So, we tried to keep it as close as possible to that and for the parts that were not related to the Bible, we made it a bit more [dramatic].”

As church attendance worldwide is decreasing, according to Elder Adrian Edgecombe, he believes the Good News should taught in relatable ways in order to retain membership.

“We have to understand what worked one hundred years ago will not work in 2019.

The church is being left behind because it found a remedy that worked years ago and we’re still using it today, so at Bahamas Harvest Church, we try to think outside of the box.

“We think on how we can get people to Christ and to church.

“The Bible says by any means necessary, so when God gives us these wonderful ideas of bringing people to church, we are going to use them because it’s relevant – it’s something they can identify with.”

Whether Good Friday should be celebrated as a secular or sacred holiday remains a subject of public debate.

Addressing the issue, several members of the church said the holiday will always remain grounded in faith.

Girdy Bullard said, “As a believer in Christ, this is the time we remember Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

“Easter is one of the most important times on the Christian calendar because of what it symbolizes.

Tamara Saunders made a similar point.

“It’s the time we remember the death of Jesus and what it means to us,” she said.

Elder Adrian Edgecombe said he firmly believes that the Blood of Jesus, and his sacrifice, which he said gives strength to humanity every day, will never lose its power or relevance.