Bahamas Girl Guides get “cool” Christmas present with Sky Pole $60K AC donation

Bahamas Girl Guides get “cool” Christmas present with Sky Pole $60K AC donation

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Christmas came early for a major youth organization last week when Sky Pole Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services pledged to equip the new West Bay Street headquarters for Bahamas Girl Guides with a complete air-conditioning system.

The donation, valued at $60,000, moved the association supporting thousands of girls a step closer to occupying their new home.

The pledge, which includes equipment and installation, was announced by Sky Pole directors Peter Cartwright and Kendrick Beneby on Tuesday, December 8.

Sky Pole Air Conditioning’s principals said they had often admired the “stately” 2-story yellow structure near Fort Charlotte, understanding that behind its yellow and white exterior was an empty concrete shell. The spirit of the holiday season inspired them to help.

“We were touched by appeals for assistance that we saw in the media,” said Beneby during the December 8 presentation. “The good Lord has been good to us as young entrepreneurs and despite the challenging economic environment in which we currently operate, we thought it important to lend a hand to an organization that does such a great job nurturing and mentoring girls and young women.”

From left are Brendon Watson, building contractor; Kendrick Beneby, Sky Pole principal; Elma Garraway, Bahamas Girl Guides Association Assistant Commissioner; Alvan Rolle, architect and project manager; and Peter Cartwright, Sky Pole, on December 8. (PHOTO: BAHAMAS GIRL GUIDES)

With participant clubs in most schools and churches throughout The Bahamas, Bahamas Girl Guides Association had long ago outgrown the space that served as its headquarters. Donations of material and labor, along with funds raised in an ongoing campaign, allowed the new building to reach its current state, appearing finished to the passerby but still in need of power, equipment, outfitting and furniture on the interior.

Fundraising had slowed down out of respect for those struggling as a result of the economic repercussions of the COVID pandemic. But in recent weeks and with a new donation portal at, Assistant Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Properties Committee Elma Garraway said she is feeling hopeful.

“We trust your generosity will serve as a motivation for corporate Bahamas, former Guides, Brownies, Rangers and Leaders, Bahamians and residents to help us to help our girls,” Garraway told Sky Pole at the presentation.

According to the Bahamas Girl Guides: “Many of today’s highest-ranking executives and leaders went through some or all of the Guiding experience that includes Sunflowers, Brownies, Rangers, Guides, Leaders and Commissioners.”