Bahamas Christian Council condemns Carnival

Bahamas Christian Council condemns Carnival
Bahamas Christian Council President, Bishop Delton Fernander.

Says ‘Road Fever’ is a vulgar, sexually charged event

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – As the country’s fifth Carnival celebration is set to kick off in matter of days, The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) on Wednesday strongly criticized the event, charging that since its inception, Carnival continues to challenge the moral, ethical, and cultural traditions and practices of The Bahamas.

“The organizers of Bahamas Carnival are once again planning to stage their weekend of events which include the event known as Road Fever.

“Before the first staging of what was then “Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival” several years ago, the Bahamas Christian Council expressed serious concern about the introduction of this type of event into our country, and strongly warned of the potential harm that we could be exposing our young people to, especially our young women,” outlined a statement released by president of the BCC, Apostle Delton Fernander.

According to Fernander, the band owner’s association now organizes and stages their Road Fever event, which is comprised of individuals wearing very little clothing, consuming alcohol, and performing sexual acts throughout the streets of New Providence.

Fernander said the reports are some of these Road Fever participants, who make up various groups, openly perform vulgar and sexual acts while becoming intoxicated during their parade route throughout the street, and at times in front of young children and the elderly.

Fernander said the Council believes that Bahamas Carnival, especially Road Fever, is a direct contradiction and an affront to the country’s national values, Christian principles and social decency and order.

He said Carnival also challenges the principles enshrined within the Constitution, which promotes the foundation of The Bahamas as a country of Christian values and one that promotes the spirit of industry and a commitment to the rule of law.

Fernander said the BCC strongly condemns this open display of sexuality, nudity, open consumption of alcohol and indecency associated with this event.

“We also further state our deep concern for the safety of our young people, especially our young women, during these Carnival events,” Fernander said.

The BCC president said with a mixture of men and women flaunting near naked bodies, engaging in sexual contact with event participants and the open flow of alcohol, they stand with others who believe this event has the potential to lead to sexual violence, rape and other violent confrontation, especially between young men who may not be able to handle seeing their female friend in sexual contact with other men on the streets.

“Simply put, we believe that Bahamas Carnival Road Fever is a vulgar, sexually charged event which many believe is a serious ticking time bomb waiting to explode into a dangerous series of circumstances, especially as we as a nation seek to develop wholesome initiatives to correct so many of the social ills in our society,” the BCC said.

The BCC president said he is calling on all social stakeholders to take a serious look at the staging of Bahamas Carnival, especially Road Fever, to determine if this kind of event should be allowed on the streets the country, and is in line with the country’s laws regarding public nudity.

“We must also, as a nation, determine if this kind of event is beneficial to the health and well-being of our young people and to our national and cultural identity,” Fernander concluded.





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I tired a dese snake oil salesmen masquerading as keepers of The Bahamas morality.

1. As ludicrous and Ill-conceived as I find Carnival in The Bahamas, those who support have all right to artistically express themselves.
2. If a day’s display of barely there costumes and an indigenous wine up is enough to send the people of The Bahamas into a sexually charged indiscriminate full out orgy, then it means Carnival is just an excuse to do same!
3. Bahamians are the most sexual people in the world hands down! We need no help to that end!
4. Doesn’t the self-appointed Christian Council have bigger fish to fry since the safest sanctuaries for paedophiles are the local churches?
5. In our Motherland, and where nudity and loincloths are part of ceremonial expression – rape is never a consequence- so…..?
6. I assure you, stacked against our out of control murder rate, systemic corruption, collapsing infrastructure and dumb school leavers, the Council should see Carnival as a non – issue!

I conclude that the Bahamas Christian Council are the 21st century Pharisees as depicted in the Bible.

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Half of dem set who think they young ga be there anyways under the cover of the Mask…

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