Bahamas brand exposed to South Florida’s Hispanic community

Bahamas brand exposed to South Florida’s Hispanic community

Hundreds of Hispanics from the South Florida community were recently exposed to The Islands of The Bahamas brand as a result of the Florida marketing team of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s sponsorship of the La Mano Hispana 2018 Art Gallery Opening Night at the Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment, Hialeah (Miami), Florida.

The Bahamas’ sponsorship of the event came about through its partnership with the City of Hialeah Florida‘s Communications and Special Events Department.  “October is ’Hispanic Heritage Month’ and participating as a title sponsor at La Mano Hispana Art Gallery Event enabled us to tap into the Hispanic market and reach the hundreds of attendees,” said Tina Lee, District Marketing Manager of the Bahamas Tourist Office, Florida.

Large crowds attended the event, and Lee said that many of them seemed “genuinely surprised to see us there.”  The Hialeah, Miami area is home to some 224,000 Hispanics. Lee said that “Our primary goal is to connect with the Hispanic community and expose our brand to them.”

The Bahamas is the nearest international neighbour to the U. S.  and South Florida, and Bimini Island in The Bahamas is known as the gateway Island to the country.  FRS Caribbean, a ferry service that transports passengers between South Florida and Bimini Island partnered with The Bahamas at the booth during the Art Gallery’s opening and provided a prize – a day trip to the Island of Bimini (for two).  The drawing was open to all in attendance.

“Having a booth at the event served as a platform for our brand presence and allowed us to begin developing relationships within the Hispanic community in Miami,” District Manager, Lee said.

The Bahamas booth was manned by District Manager, Lee; Phylia Shivers, Sr. Marketing Representative, Bahamas Tourist Office (BTO) Florida; Adrian Kemp, Sr. Marketing Representative, BTO Florida and Veronica Bolanos and Macarena Berrocoso representing FRS Caribbean.

The current La Mano Hispana 2018 exhibition will continue at the Gallery through December 4.