Bahamas advances to 3-0 in Fed Cup play

Bahamas advances to 3-0 in Fed Cup play

The team representing The Bahamas at the 2018 Fed Cup Americas Group II Tournament advanced to 3-0 yesterday after completing a clean sweep of Bermuda.

In the opening match, Danielle Thompson defeated Shelby Maderion 6-0 and 6-1. Kerrie Cartwright followed that up with a win over Ashley Brooks (6-0, 6-0), and Simone Pratt and Sierra Donaldson finished it off with two 6-1 wins in their doubles match against Jahzuena Bradshaw-Douglas and Kirstin Saltus.

“Danielle started off the day strong for us. I could tell she was a bit nervous at the start of the match but managed to pull out the victory,” said team coach Marvin Rolle.

“Kerrie also came out strong. She knew what she had to do and was aggressive from the jump and sealed the win. And also, Sierra and Simone ended the day on a high note for us. I was also pleased because it was Sierra’s first fed cup win.”

Team Bahamas will now take on Ecuador in the playoff round for a chance to be promoted to Group I in 2019.