Bahamaren shows Bahamians a more sustainable way of living

Bahamaren shows Bahamians a more sustainable way of living
From left: Verron Darville - Director, Agriculture; Tevin Bannister - CFO; Shakeem Lightfoot - CTO; Latrae Rahming - CEO; Michael Pintard, Minister of Agriculture & Marine Resources; Janay Pyfrom-Symonette - CSO and Thomas Barnett - COO.

A new agriculture-based Bahamian company Bahamaren is teaching people a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle through growing their own food.

Through Bahamas Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) Bahamaren said its goal for the country is to provide an economical agriculture greenhouse for people to facilitate.

“Our ultimate plan is to modernize and stimulate Bahamian agriculture via greenhouse technology, management systems and backyard farming,” Director of Agriculture Verron Darville told Eyewitness News yesterday.

The increasing costs of food, inclusive of living costs, have now forced people to seek more sustainable living alternatives.

“We understand where the interests are concerning agriculture in The Bahamas, so we are strengthening these areas of agriculture, especially,” he explained.

Recently, Bahamaren held a workshop where newly appointed Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Michael Pintard, gave opening remarks and scores of Bahamians were informed how to effectively use Bahamaren’s services.

Bahamaren’s services include gardening materials, constructing greenhouses, planting fruits and vegetables and teaching individuals how to grow their own food.

“…this initiative by Bahamaren has been four years in the making,” he noted.

Darville brings with him over six years of experience in the agriculture field, which encompassed shade houses to greenhouses, and from soil growing to aquaponics.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Latrae Rahming emphasized the company’s overall mission by “developing the various sectors of The Bahamas – agriculture being one of them.”

“We realize that there was a unique opportunity despite the challenge to respond with a solution that will introduce innovative approaches to modernizing the industry,” Rahming affirmed.

Bahamaren Agriculture is one of the branches of Bahamaren Limited, which has partnered with China.

According to the company’s website, Bahamaren has a deep appreciation of the value of a two-way trade relationship between the Caribbean and China.

The next workshop is slated for August 22.