Baha Mar postpones reopening to October, announces further layoffs

Baha Mar postpones reopening to October, announces further layoffs
The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Baha Mar has postponed its reopening until October, with additional staffing reductions at the Cable Beach mega resort to come.

In a letter to staff today, the resort announced the decision was based on many variables as a result of the “evolving nature” of COVID-19.

The resort said it will continue to monitor the impact of the virus and the resulting economic downturn on the US.

“In March, we committed to support you as best we can for up to 90 days,” the letter read.

“As we near the end of this 90-day period, we will be making additional staffing reduction to align staffing levels with projected business volume upon re-opening.

It continued: “At the end of June, we will communicate to the individuals being impacted by the staffing reduction to discuss what we will do to support and assist you in making your transition as smooth as possible. We look forward to bringing as many of you back as possible, once our business returns to pre-COVID-19 levels.”

For those employees that remain, the resort committed to providing an ex-gratia payment for up to an additional 90 days at 30 percent of their base compensation. This payment will be additional to what workers are able to collect from the National Insurance Board, according to the letter.

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Unbelievable. Who is running that place ? Obviously a socialist liberal. I was a regular there. Not any more. Those poor employees. Such nice people with no jobs. Come on fools wake up

That’s pretty ignorant of you Kevin, are you American by chance? If they are following safety precautions there is no choice. Better to be safe than people getting sick.

Yeah something is happening beyond COVID here. Atlantis is opening July 7th. Baha Mar is and has been in financial trouble for years. That are now going to wait out Hurricane season. And pure speculation, but By not reopening they will probably file for bankruptcy protection…again. Sad for all those friendly and fun employees. I hope some can go back to Atlantis.

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