Baha Mar ahead of summer forecast

Baha Mar ahead of summer forecast
Rosewood at Baha Mar.

Officials of the multi-billion-dollar Baha Mar resort confirmed to Eyewitness News that the property is performing above its forecast visitor arrivals projected for summer 2018.

Senior Vice President Robert Sands said, the resort, which is currently fully operational, is experiencing a robust summer period.

“We are very satisfied with the progress we have made to date,” Sands said.

“We have exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to greater things in months to come.”

The resort has three major international hotel brands in its portfolio.

The first brand to launch was the Grand Hyatt.

Baha Mar then introduced its SLS property, followed by the launch of Rosewood.

Now that all three brands are in full swing, Roberts said, the trio has garnered attention from travelers around the world.

He confirmed that visitor numbers are not only robust but that they have surpassed the summer budget projected for this year.

“We have surpassed the budget that we have set for ourselves at this time and we are very happy about that,” he said.

Baha Mar launched a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign, which Sands said, has attributed to visitor arrivals.

The Ministry of Tourism recently confirmed that The Bahamas is experiencing an overwhelming response in visitor arrivals for summer 2018.

Tourism’s Director General Joy Jibrilu told Eyewitness News that Baha Mar is a huge contributing factor to the increase in visitor arrivals.

“The fact that we are having an impact on visitor arrivals in the country and we continue to see the momentum and the demand, for not only Baha Bar but the country in general based on new products offered in the marketplace, is truly amazing,” Sands noted.

He attributed Baha Mar’s success to a number of factors.

“Our success since launching is due to the diversified product that we have and also our focus on traditional basic concepts such as the importance of the sense of community, culture, and conservation,” he shared.

“All of that coupled with a variety of world-class brands and restaurants, but more importantly the 4, 500 Bahamian staff who service these guests from all over the world and make them want to come back to The Bahamas.

“All of these factors lead to our success and this is only the beginning.”