Baark goes mobile with Bahamas Waste

Baark goes mobile with Bahamas Waste

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamas Waste is collaborating with the Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness (Baark!) to prevent scores of unwanted litters from occupying the streets of Nassau.

With the arrival of Baark’s first mobile clinic in its 13 years of operation, the non-profit organization expects to expand the reach of its free and subsidized spay and neutering services for dogs and cats.

“We essentially took on an entirely new model so our learning curve has been pretty steep,” explained Baark! Chairman Laura Kimble.

“In addition to finding the right locations to set up throughout New Providence and figuring out the right ‘ingredients’ for an optimal location, our biggest challenge is funding. 90% of our budget is reliant on private donors and corporate contributions whether it be in-kind support or direct financial support.”

According to a press release by Baark!, the initiative is currently averaging 18 spay and neuter surgeries a day, but has a goal of averaging about 22-25 surgeries daily.

Bahamas Waste General Manager Francisco de Cardenas said that his company will help sustain the mobile clinic for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve committed to supporting the Baark! and its mobile clinic for the next five years by providing maintenance support for the mobile unit and giving it a home when it’s not in use,” said de Cardenas.

“They have a team of amazing and dedicated people who work tirelessly for the good of the community and the welfare of our 4 legged friends – we knew we wanted to support them in whatever way we could.”

In addition to their mobile clinic, the press statement said that Baark! is also focused on “educating the public on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.” Ultimately, the organization has the goal of making The Bahamas “an example of a humane nation.”

“We have a golf tournament coming up in December to help raise funds, and we’re hoping to get the support we need” noted Kimble. “It’s hard work but the team knows it is all 1000% worth all of the challenges.”

Members of the public interested in financially supporting the work of Baark! can do so via the organization’s website at