BAAA launches corporate partnership agreement

BAAA launches corporate partnership agreement

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) last night hosted a partnership announcement and cocktail reception under the theme, “Be My Running Partner” at the Fusion Superplex.

According to BAAA president Drumeco Archer, the event was put on with the hop of developing new, sports-centred, community-building partnerships that directly benefit companies and the track and field family.

“We at the BAAA have provided a lifelong commitment to children and families across the length and breadth of this archipelago to ensure that we are a part of a stronger village through our resolve to improving the lives of young people through the union of sports and education,” Archer said.

With 2019 being considered as an “active” year in track and field, Archer said the partnerships would help to ease the cost of travel associated with attending various events around the world and training.

“Our appeal to the citizens of corporate Bahamas is a profound appeal, as your contributions and active involvement in our programs will make the difference in the outcome and by extension the strength of our village,” Archer added. “This program was designed to create a network of partnerships that we believe will grow the profile of the businesses and positively change the community through track and field.

“We don’t only want the giants with the deep pockets. We also want to connect with mom and pop stores that want to support this new movement and feel like they are a part of what is happening with the BAAA.”