Authorities release notices for seven missing storm victims

Authorities release notices for seven missing storm victims

Six missing from Grand Bahama, and one from Abaco

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Three weeks after Hurricane Dorian left portions of Abaco and Grand Bahama in ruin, displacing thousands, authorities have released the first batch of missing person’s bulletins.

Notices were released for six people from East Grand Bahama and a 77-year-old woman from Abaco.

Authorities appealed for anyone with information to contact police.

The residents of High rock include:

Tanae Ashanique Pinder, 21. She is described at five-foot, three inches; around 115 pounds, with light brown complexion and a slim build.

Sybil Loretta Pinder, 60. Sybil is five-foot, five inches in height; 170 pounds, with light brown complexion and of slim build.

Roswell Pinder, 60. She is described as five-foot, eight inches; 160 pounds, with dark brown complexion and medium build. Authorities told Eyewitness News Online the Pinders are related.


Clarence Marcus Jones, 63. Jones is described as six feet in height, between 210 and 220 pounds, with dark complexion and medium build.


Terrell Rudolph Lightbourne, 43. Lightbourne is described as five-foot, eight inches; 170 pounds, of dark complexion and a slim build.


George Laing, 49, of Joseph Pinder Boulevard, McCleans Town, Grand Bahama, was also reported missing. Laing is said to be six-foot, two inches; 400 pounds and has a dark complexion.



Authorities also reported Astrid Emily Stratton of Abaco missing. She is described as five foot, 10 inches; heavy build and Caucasian.

As of Tuesday, 608 people remained missing.

The figure was initially 1,300 in the days following the record storm but has since decreased as authorities cross referenced databases for those housed in shelters throughout New Providence.

There are just under 1,600 displaced residents being houses in shelters in New Providence, and 52 in Grand Bahama.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) advised families which wish to report missing people to contact 554-0834 or 524-0835.


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