One day, one of these parents is gonna cross the line like this with one of their children. And they won’t live to see the next day after these children beat them to death in their sleep. I used to watch my neighbor abuse her son. Drop cords, curtain rods, broom sticks, wood. She got cancer a few years later, and in hindsight, I don’t feel bad for her. While he was mischievous, he was never rude and it never warranted that type of physical discipline. She was sweet. And though the monster was latent, when it emerged, it was like watching a volcano erupt. I think she may have resented his father not being around, coupled with other issues, and took out her frustrations on him. My sister even took a piece of 2×4 to hit her then 2 year old son with, and if I didn’t scream her name, God knows. And I swear to you, her child or not, she would’ve had to have gotten knocked the fuck out if she made contact with him. We need to have a serious talk about what constitutes as discipline and what is downright abuse and protect the rights of children. A spank should be the last resort. If you have to pick up anything, check yourself. This is exactly why people don’t know how to resolve conflicts using their words. All they know is violence. I hope this woman is arrested. I’m glad it was recorded so some light could be shed on this.

My personal opinion I hope they find this lady I hope they put her in Fox Hill. Personally they better hope I don’t find her cuz I’ll bring them to Andro some leave her in the most mosquito-infested swamp I can find. Only after I beat her with the same pans.
If anyone knows who this lady is do me a favor find the same pan she had a kid with and show her how it’s very done with her face then notify law enforcement

She needs to put in jail, beating that child in the head like that what a frigging animal. I’m all for punishment but this goes above and beyond punishing any body man or woman especially a child. Lock her ass up now

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