Atlantis to pay workers during COVID-19 shutdown

Atlantis to pay workers during COVID-19 shutdown
Atlantis Paradise Island.
NASSAU, BAHAMAS —Atlantis has announced it will pay unionized and non-unionized employees as it aims to ease the financial burden of thousands of its employees displaced by the resort’s temporary closure.Audrey Oswell, the resort’s president and managing director confirmed cash payments in a letter to the resort’s employees.

Oswell said all bargaining unit employees will receive an “ex-gratia” cash payment in April, meaning the resort is paying staff despite not being under any legal obligation to do so at this time.

The payments will be funded by the Health and Welfare Trust Fund but will be facilitated by Atlantis and deposited directly into the bank accounts of employees, she said.

“The first payment will be on or before the end of April. The Trustees of the Fund will give consideration for a second payment at a later date,” she said.

Additionally, non-union workers working full time will receive an ex-gratia weekly payment equivalent to 50 percent of their base pay for up to 60 days.

“Atlantis will continue to maintain your current health benefits for up to 60 days,” Oswell stated.

“As we continue to work through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope you and your families are well and staying healthy.

“To follow up on my letter from Wednesday, I wanted to let you know we have been working diligently to identify a feasible solution to the set of changes we are all facing. Given that the resort is closed, we are left with a difficult situation. We have always endeavored to put you, our team members, first,” said Oswell.

“We all play important roles here at Atlantis and are equally responsible for the success we have shared over the years. Each of you represents the face of Atlantis, even more so than the iconic Royal photo recognized worldwide.”

Oswell has previously stated the iconic resort will close until May 15, and will assess whether or not it is safe to re-open.