Atlantis looking to finish record-setting 2023 strong

Atlantis looking to finish record-setting 2023 strong

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A senior executive at Atlantis said yesterday that 2023 has proven to be a “record-setting” year for the resort, which has seen notable increases in occupancy levels, room rates, and overall guest spending.

Vaughn Roberts, the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Special Projects, told Eyewitness News that this success was achieved despite the temporary unavailability of the Royal Towers’ 400 rooms due to extensive multi-million-dollar renovations.

Roberts noted that the Battle 4 Atlantis women’s tournament, which wrapped up on Monday, and the men’s tournament, which is set to begin on Thursday, have boosted occupancy levels.

“We are at the point now where we are predicting a very strong year,” said Roberts, noting that the resort’s occupancy levels will be in the 90 percent range for the Thanksgiving weekend. 

“This year we are fortunate to have a poker tournament, The World Series of Poker in Paradise which takes place from December 3rd to December 14th, and the Crown Gymnastics Invitational. The first week of December is typically a slow period but with the Poker Tournament, we will have a good first half of December. Come the final week of December, be bursting at the seams in terms of occupancies.”

Roberts noted that 2023 has proven to be a record year, despite the 400-room Beach Tower being closed. The resort has 3,000 rooms available, minus the Beach Tower.

“We’ve just been in a good place as a destination with how we have rebounded from  COVID. We have had very strong occupancies this year, very good rates, and spending at the resort. That translates into a record year for Atlantis,” said Roberts.

“We’re in the planning cycle for 2024, and the first half is looking very good. We are planning for a very strong 2024. We are not seeing any significant headwinds, so we’re very excited about how things look this year and how next year is looking.”