Atlantis focusing on education and training during COVID-19 downtime

Atlantis focusing on education and training during COVID-19 downtime
Keshia Ortiz.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The coronavirus pandemic will usher in a new scope of new challenges and changes for the Tourism and Hospitality industry.  To meet any and all new challenges Atlantis is focusing on education and training.  Forging ahead, the company is preparing for the future by emphasizing the continued need for the growth and development of its greatest resource, its employees.

Ramona Harris

Training and continued education have always been a part of Atlantis’ foundation from its inception through the Atlantis University. The Atlantis and Atlantis University is now doubling its efforts to encourage staff to take advantage of this “downtime” and continue to expand their knowledge, by engaging in a range of academic exposure for self-improvement in preparation for the new challenges that lie ahead.

The organization is promoting self-growth and continued training by continuously directing employees to free online training courses, particularly those certificate courses relating to the hospitality industry.  Thanks to the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA), more than 1000 associates have already passed and obtained certificates Florida Atlantic University.  Atlantis University is also sourcing inspirational books, filtering articles and weekly quick reads on leadership, and motivation, such as ‘Primed to Perform’, and ‘Learned Leadership via email to its employee database to keep them engaged.

Atlantis president and managing Director Audrey Oswell says in preparation for this new era, Atlantis will do what it must to help employees to develop its human resource emphasizing  the importance of self-improvement and its connectivity to the quality of the product, it produces and delivers to the world.