Atlantis asks employees to take unpaid leave after first confirmed COVID-19 case

Atlantis asks employees to take unpaid leave after first confirmed COVID-19 case

Paradise Island resort discontinues use of fingerprint swipe

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island is asking their staff to volunteer for two weeks unpaid leave effective immediately, as it battles the impending impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The resort has also asked employees to take earned vacation days as the resort “manages through this as situations evolve”.

With travel restrictions now expanded to Europe, United Kingdom, and Ireland, hotels are expected to be among the worst hit.

In a memo to employees, Human Resources Senior Vice President Karen Carey said: “Over the years, we have continually demonstrated our enduring values regarding the safety, satisfaction and well-being of our guests and team members.

“In this current climate, where COVID-19 is impacting everyone globally, it is no different for us. We want to thank each and everyone one of you for ensuring that we continue to deliver on our Bahamas at Heart guest experience.

”While our efforts continue and we work on this together, it is essential and important for us to make changes and take further steps to help us manage through this as situations evolve.”

She continued: “We want you to feel absolutely confident that we are doing our best to shoulder the burden of our operations to secure our future and to lessen the burden that this situation imposes on you.

“We are all in this together so, let’s continue to be resolute and strong. We remain optimistic that we can count on your support and cooperation at this critical time. We will get through this.”

Atlantis has also announced the temporary suspension of all contact-based swiping on time attendance clocks as a “safety precaution due to COVID-19”.

“Starting tonight at 7 pm, our biometric finger identification of all clocks on property will be removed until further advised,” the resort advised.

The Bahamas confirmed its first case of COVID-19 at midnight Sunday.

On Sunday night, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis warned that Coronavirus will have a “tremendous and widespread” economic impact as he noted that tourism accounts for half of this nation’s gross domestic product.

Speaking to Eyewitness News on Sunday, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) Chief Executive Jeffrey Beckles said the private sector will now need to be ‘more nimble’ to adapt to the impact of the COVID-19.

Other countries facing travel restrictions include: Iran, South Korea, Italy and China.


Every other billion dollar company paying their workers for 2 weeks but Atlantis employees must voluntarily take two weeks unpaid leave ,they really dont care about their employees

At the very least, this should have been a shared effort wherein Atlantis paid 1/2 and National Insurance paid 1/2 so that these workers can have full paid time off for this crisis!

This place charges one of the highest resort fees in the world. Resort fees should be illegal in any amount.
I take a very dim view of any hotel that charges a resort or destination fee. And here they are not paying employees.

The government should not allow Atlantis or Baha mar to offer to it’s employees unpaid 2wks leave. This would be so wrong and demotivate the employees in so many levels. The Bahamas must raise it’s standards to international levels when it comes to Human Resources.

A message to the CEO what are you thinking? 2 weeks without pay for an average person is bankruptcy. Consider this, if anyone in your hotel showed up sick it would still be bankruptcy but for you. Be thoughtful of others and dont be so greedy.

This is a clear reminder of where some companies loyalty lies..employee assistance fund account needs to be implimented to help during crisis like this and during hurricane season

2 weeks pay equals approx. 4.2%. A pay cut.
Are Exec. staff / mangers contributing to this sacrifice?

Billion Dollar Corporations that take advantage of their employees (Atlantis) in this despicable way should be shamed by everyone on social media.

Shame on Atlantis. How much do they make a year and can’t give black to their employees? D

I would never go to this resort. They are very greedy not helping there employees in time of need

“I totally agree good workers are had to find and these are people with families”…..God is not pleased…..

Let me explain something to you so its clear..Resort Fees in the Bahamas ..are in FACT Union Fees ….that the union mandate and force on the property owners or else they will.inflict trouble through their members…Get it RIGHT…….its not the hotel.shaking you down , its the unions , who should be the ones paying the 2 or 3 weeks financial assistance to its members for these shake down fees they impose against the hotels and then scam the guest by implying its a USER or RESORT fee … know..information is freedom and wisdom, use it.

It is union fee collected by the management. Management could reduce their cost to guests. If indeed the union is getting a kick back from fees included in the hotel cost, then only fair that Union and Management share in the cost of employees who are laid off. No employee should be cut with no compensation, just not done in fair society.

Honestly – this economy is inefficient, corrupt and short-term thinking in so many ways … but rather than acting, standing up, improving and demanding change – which will, of course, be associated with some risks – you guys just sit tight, blame god or hurricanes, pray and complain… there has rarely been a turn for the better without certain persons/generations making sacrifices. And nobody will serve you the solutions to all your problems on a silver platter.

In the end it will be your own countrymen who will gut you and the multi-billion corporations will leave and look for a better place… A pity to see but in the end it’s your own fault.

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