ArawakX urges greater emphasis on FPI to supplement foreign direct investment

ArawakX urges greater emphasis on FPI to supplement foreign direct investment

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — ArawakX executives say that more emphasis needs to be placed on foreign portfolio investment (FPI) which allows foreigners to invest in local companies.

ArawakX executives say this could supplement foreign direct investment (FDI) and directly add to this nation’s foreign reserves. 

With the change in the investment landscape in the United States resulting in more retail investors invest directly into projects and companies that they believe will give them a good return on investment, D’Arcy Rahming Sr, ArawakX’s chairman, and CEO said The Bahamas could benefit if the industry works with policymakers to drive investors into the country’s ecosystem.  

“Pre covid most deals were made in certain centers with larger broker-dealers in New York or other financial centers. However, as these investor ecosystems were broken more people began to invest directly and get their information from Financial Publishers (FinPub),” said Rahming Sr.

Rahming was addressing a FinPub Forum in Jacksonville Florida where key industry publishers were discussing industry changes.  

“These publishers literally build lists through financial newsletters and other media like the internet and video.  Investor lists are built in a very scientific manner. Some of them have lists of millions of traders and investors. This is a trillion-dollar room in the level of investment that they impact. We need to figure out how to get these guys to write content and video content on us for Foreign Portfolio Investment,” Rahming added.

Rahming said he believes that the emphasis needs to also be on foreign portfolio investment (FPI) which is perfect for crowdfunding on ArawakX. “FPI allows foreigners to invest in the company which is owned and operated by Bahamian leadership. While as in most former colonized countries we are used to foreign direct investment (FDI) which are mostly hotels and are owned and managed by non-Bahamian leadership. FPI can be used to supplement FDI and directly add to our foreign currency reserves.”

Rahming added: “This is a market we cannot ignore, and we need to ensure that they come through our regulated platforms such as ArawakX.”