Arawak Cay vendors prepare for possible month-end reopen

Arawak Cay vendors prepare for possible month-end reopen
Arawak Cay

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Arawak Cay Conch, Fish, Vegetable & Food Vendors Association president Rodney Russell said yesterday that vendors were readying their stalls for when governments gives popular food and cultural hub the ‘green light’ to resume operations.

Russell pushed back against the desire of some vendors to offer curb side service in the interim during an interview with Eyewitness News.

“There are some vendors who want to do curbside service,” he said.

“Most of the businesses were not designed for curb side service. We have a diverse group of businesses operating on Arawak Cay and not all operate the same. Some businesses would have to make major adjustments to offer curb side service.

“There are some vendors who do not believe that they should close at 7pm and other who believe that if we continue to have weekend lock downs it makes no sense for them to reopen.”

Russell said he explained to vendors that they should wait until the government gives the green light to reopen, something he says could happen by month’s end.

“A lot of the vendors right now are painting up, fixing up and sanitizing their stalls so that when we do reopen for business Bahamians can come and patronize our businesses,” Russell continued.

“I have seen a document placing that around the 24th of this month, if everything goes according to plan. We also have vendors who just cater to tourists.

“I do not expect them to bounce back until the tourism industry is vibrant again. Arawak Cay remains close until the police remove the barricades. We ought to wait until such time that we can go back to some degree of normalcy. Some feel as though they can’t wait but it’s not what they want but what is good for the country.”