APD announces 50 percent fee slash, waives leases for COVID-19

APD announces 50 percent fee slash, waives leases for COVID-19
The Nassau Container Port.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Nassau Container Port’s operator yesterday announced that it will reduce port fees by 50 percent for the next 30 days in an effort to reduce the economic strain of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arawak Port Development Limited (APD) also said that it will waive rent/leases at the Gladstone Road Freight terminal for the month of April, and extend free storage time for loaded containers and vehicles by an additional 14 days.

Dion Bethell, APD President and CEO, noted that the Nassau Container Port and its inland freight terminal are critical gateways in the supply chain of The Bahamas.

“This has always been the stance of APD since the company’s launch in 2009. In our commitment to corporate and social responsibility, we have become a trusted partner with NEMA in that agency’s leadership of national disaster management and relief over the past 10 years. Additionally, our company supports a number of NGOs in their national development missions,” said Bethell.

“We will continue to contribute logistics expertise, facilities and highly competent manpower, whenever our country needs and our means permit. APD does the same through its philanthropic portfolio, which encompasses any number of civic programmes and outreach.”

Bethell hopes that with the cooperation of other businesses and entities along the supply chain, APD’s recent initiative can work to bring much needed economic relief in this time of challenge.

“There can be little doubt that the COVID-19 crisis carries the potential for great harm to the health and wellbeing of The Bahamas and promises to be equally disruptive nationally in terms of economic fallout. But we Bahamians have proven to be a resilient and resourceful people. As the Prime Minister has said again and again, we can survive this challenging period and get back on the road of progress if we do this as a united people,” said  Bethell.