Andros’ Small Hope Lodge to reopen November 2

Andros’ Small Hope Lodge to reopen November 2
Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An out island small resort operator said yesterday it is gearing up to open November 2, with many of its booked clients expressing the desire to vacation in The Bahamas and keep their reservations.

Jeff Birch, operator of the Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros said: “We are planning to reopen on November 2nd. We’ve been in touch with our booked clients and many really want to get away on vacation and are keeping their reservations.

“We are a small, intimate property on Andros and our guests trust that we are following all the best practices to be safe and secure. Of course, there are some uncertainties in traveling- including going through major airports to get to us.”

“Many are opting to try for direct flights to Andros. For some, they plan to travel but are waiting to closer to their dates to confirm. For us, the biggest priority is keeping everyone – our staff and guests – safe.”

He said: “We’ve developed a lot of protocols at the Lodge and if the Ministry of Tourism’s current plan works, we think it offers peace of mind knowing that visitors will be tested twice before arriving at the property.”

Birch said that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains unclear how many guests the lodge will welcome this year.

“This situation moves very fast and is very uncertain. We can’t say for sure how many guests we will welcome throughout the rest of the year because it changes daily.

He added: “It’s going to depend on the situation here, airlift to the Bahamas, and the situation in the home country of our guests. However, we are seeing a lot of interest in next year. I think most people foresee being able to travel more securely next year and are more willing to make secure plans then.”


This is good news for Tourism in Andros. I hope that more property focus on the protocol and safety. Focus more on wellness tourism, yoga, nature walk,spa treatment,fishing etc. This can help guest to relieve stress mentally and physically.

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