AML foods to feed 3,000 families this Christmas

AML foods to feed 3,000 families this Christmas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – AML Foods, in partnership with corporate Bahamas and AML Food patrons, has raised a little over $100,000 dollars to feed an estimated 3,000 families for the holidays.

The local food wholesaler launched the special feeding program three years ago.

It’s called, “Feed 5,000.”

To date, the initiative has raised $234, 000 dollars and has distributed 5,800 meals.

Renea Bastian, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AML Foods said she is pleased with the outcome of this year’s initiative.

“This is Christmas and some of us will take for granted that we will have Christmas meals. But, for so many people; the idea of having Christmas dinner is so far-fetched. So, we feel as though as a community we should come together and help those who are less fortunate,” she said.

The $100,000 dollars raised was used to purchase goods such as canned vegetables, rice, ham and chicken.

The items were sorted, packaged and dispersed to various feeding agencies.

Those agencies then distributed the food parcels to over 80 churches who then supplied those meal packages to the underprivileged.

The Bahamas Red Cross Society is one of many feeding agents that participated in this year’s initiative.

“People come to our doors every day looking for food assistance. So, this will give us the abundance that we need to provide what we must to more people and put a smile on their faces during this festive season,” Janice Mackey, Human Resources Administrator at The Bahamas Red Cross Society said.

The initiative distributed meal packages to feeding agencies in New Providence on Tuesday.

AML, The Bahamas Feeding Network, The Bahamas Red Cross and other participating agencies travel to Grand Bahama on Wednesday to distribute meal packages as well.

Philip Smith, Executive Director, Bahamas Feeding Network said splitting the feeding initiative between New Providence and Grand Bahama is vitally important

Smith said the response from hurting families on Grand Bahama has been overwhelming for the past two years and he expects a massive turnout when the team touches down in Grand Bahama on Wednesday.

“As a result of the economy in Grand Bahama we have split the donations equally. I think it’s an incredible initiative and it’s a pleasure to be able to go there to give out these parcels of food,” he said.

Wife of the prime minister Patricia Minnis attended Tuesday’s distribution efforts.

She underscored the importance of the initiative which seeks to help hurting families during the holiday season.

“At this time of year, we look forward to having a wonderful spread on the table. So, this will mean a lot to those who are underprivileged to actually be able to have that spread on the table for Christmas,” she said.

AML executives are confident that the initiative will continue to grow and expect to impact more families in 2019.