Alleged debris found from January plane crash

Debris from the small Aztec aircraft, which left North Andros Airport with one pilot and five passengers, including one minor, attempted to make what is believed to have been an emergency landing in Fresh Creek before it went down near Mastic Point back in January.

Fishermen in Andros believe they have stumbled upon parts of a plane that went down off the island’s shores last month killing all six persons on board.

While a video of the discovery has gone viral on social media, Dionisio D’Aguilar, the minister with responsibility for the aviation sector said they must first determine the validity of that video as they wrap up their investigation into the crash.

Meanwhile families of the victims have been agitating for their loved one’s remains to be released for them to have closure.

D’Aguilar could not say when this is expected to happen however, he did acknowledge that – as the investigation comes to a close – the families should be able to get more answers.

The small white and dark blue twin engine, Aztec aircraft registration # N62769 crash was the focal point of a four-hour search back on January 17 before the remains were discovered. The aircraft reportedly left North Andros “enroute to Lynden Pindling International Airport, New Providence but did not arrive as scheduled.”


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