ALL OUT: Govt looking to use entire tranche of vaccines on first doses

ALL OUT: Govt looking to use entire tranche of vaccines on first doses
Minister of Health Renward Wells. (FILE PHOTO)

Vaccines expected in-country by end of week

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is expected in-country by the end of the week, with a possible rollout of all 100,000 doses to start as early as next week.

Health Minister Renward Wells told the media he would leave the announcement of details to the prime minister, whom he referred to as the “testicular head”.

Wells noted Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were approved in December, adding based on the results it has proven safe and effective.

What would make it even better news is when the vaccine lands that the Bahamian people avail themselves of it to the maximum possible use,” he said.

“We want the Bahamian people vaccinated because we want our economy open, we want the Bahamian people safe. Nations have been vaccinating their people now for more than two months.”

Wells continued: “The rollout could start as early as next week, but I will leave the announcement of such things up to the honorable prime minister who has been the testicular head in leading the charge in many regards.”

The health minister said the country will likely use the first tranche of vaccines to give the first dose of AstraZeneca to a quarter of the population.

“We always talked about the 100,000 doses, which is about 50,000 persons if you give everyone two doses,” he said.

“The doses spread out to eight to 12 weeks, that’s when they say it’s most effective. More than likely, what the government will do is vaccinate everyone first, give them their first shot…that can be up to 100,000 persons, barring we don’t have any spillage and wastage.

“So, we’re looking in the first tranche to be able to do that.”

He added: “We will not have a lull because if we do have a lull we will not end up with the kind of efficacy and effect that we want because AstraZeneca shows its best efficacy and effect, and maximum benefit, with the second dose between the eighth to twelfth week after you would have received the first shot.

“We can assure the Bahamian people we will have additional vaccines.”

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