Aliv now over 170,000 customers, with 37 per cent estimated revenue share

Aliv now over 170,000 customers, with 37 per cent estimated revenue share

Company marks three years in the mobile sector

NASSAU, BAHAMAS-  After three years in the mobile sector, Aliv said yesterday it has over 170,000 customers with an estimated 37 per cent revenue share.

The company’s top executive revealed the mobile operator had nearly hit $18 million in revenue for the quarter ending September.

Damian Blackburn, chief Aliv officer spoke at an event to celebrate the company’s three year anniversary yesterday.

“We now have over 170,000 customers,” Blackburn said.

“We created jobs for over 300 Bahamians. We invested over $190 million acquiring the license and building the world class infrastructure platform Aliv operates. Already, in our third year, we have 37 per cent revenue share we estimate.

“We still have got a long way to go to achieve the full vision here of Aliv but we are well on our way with revenue. We have an average revenue per user (ARPU) of $39,” he said.

“Each customer on average is spending $39 with us. There is nothing better it life to tell you whether you are doing a good job than customers giving their hard earned money to buy your goods and services.”

According to Blackburn, the company’s net promoter score – which measures customer satisfaction with the  brand – now regularly exceeds 70.

“To put that into context Apple is at 72. We have produced a brand in The Bahamas, built by Bahamians that is the best in the world and on par with the best in the world,” he said.

Blackburn further noted that the company’s revenue intake nearly hit $18 million (17.9million) for the quarter ending September.

“We are on course in this quarter to exceed $20 million,” he continuned.

“EBITDA in the first two and a half years were typified by spending and investing money. We were investing money primarily in acquiring customers.

“As we started generating more revenues we are now reinvesting those revenues in acquiring customers. In the last quarter of last year and just this quarter we were unfortunately just slightly negative but it was mainly due to Hurricane Dorian.

He added: “In this quarter we will be strongly EBITDA positive to the tune of $2 million.”